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(It's boring BUT you should read it!)


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(1)If we made a mistake, WE will fix that mistake at no charge to you.

If you did it, it's not covered.

(2) Everybody needs to be kind, and understanding, we're all

in it together.

(It's pretty simple really)

Subject to our limitations set forth below, for a period of 3 months from the date of your job’s substantial completion and or last payment whichever date is earlier and based upon the work described on the front of your written or electronic copy of your quote/signed estimate from PanterFAST Inc.




Standard 3 month warranty will apply on any/all work performed solely by PainterFAST that may have resulted in blistering paint, chipping,  peeling of paint, scratching , marking, and scuffing of walls and/or customer property that was not visibly protected.  Please note that some of these issues may be caused directly by the age of your home, quality of your previous contractor/builder and general wear and tear on your home.  The determination of these specific items will be addressed as they arise.




Warranty Validation will be based on the following criteria;


  • Retained copy of initial signed contract from PainterFAST Inc.

  • Up to date on payments, of an equal or greater value of their total contract

  • Have given ample opportunity to PainterFAST Inc., to repair all damages during the on-going project term, as well as access to the property for these repairs


Warranties will NOT cover the following;


  • Any work that was not performed by PainterFAST Inc. Employees or Subcontractors

  • Any work completed after the warranty term of 3 months “or any warranty term outlined above”

  • Any and all materials purchased by PainterFAST Inc. or purchased by the customer; Either directly or indirectly through PainterFAST

  • Bleeding, caused by knots, rust or cedar.

  • Cracks or settling in drywall, plaster or wood.

  • Peeling, blistering or chipping caused by; Structural defects , Peeling of layers of paint existing prior to the work performed by PainterFAST Inc.

  • Settling or movement, of the subject property.

  • Moisture content caused directly by previous conditions , either natural or man made

  • Damage or defects caused by flood, explosion, fire, extreme weather conditions, alterations or any other similar causes beyond the control of PainterFAST Inc.

  • Mechanical damage or any  damage resulting from use of chemicals or cleaning agents or exposure to harmful solids, liquids or gases.

All painting warranty work will be reviewed upon customers request. PainterFAST Inc. will not be held responsible for damages by any 3rd party contractor.





A10% deposit is required for PainterFAST to schedule a project. For refunds to Cancellation Policy below.

Full payment is due upon project completion.

Credit Card fees may apply on transaction over and above $5000.00

Any work performed by PainterFAST Inc. employees or sub trades that has not been quoted and signed is subject to a standard hourly charge.

Please note Verbal warranties will not be considered and we encourage all customers to have a signed contract for all work being performed on or in their premises.



Cancellation requests within 10 days of a paid deposit or a period of 5 days prior to scheduled start date, which ever is shorter  are subject to a full refund. This is if there were no additional costs incurred with this grace period.  All materials and services not outlined in the signed contract will be subject to standard charges.  Any cancellations requested after 10 days may be subject to a 50% penalty of all contracted services, including purchased materials or pre-paid deposits to any 3rd party vendor/contractor.
After the grace period described above. PainterFAST will at solely its discretion, determine if any deposit will be returned. This will be on a case by case basis and can result in the full deposit being forfeit.

PainterFAST Inc. will maintain at all times the highest level of customer service and workmanship and will welcome any and all suggestions, comments or concerns.




What we mean when we say:

Minor repairs- We will fix the repairs on the wall that are no larger than a dime, and require minimal effort and material to rectify.
Examples are: paint chips, very small shallow scrapes, nail holes


Door: Clearly the door(s) to enter the room, but also refers to: shutters, wood blinds, etc…

Dark Walls:
1) If you would like dark paint on a wall that is not currently a similar colour we will need to prime the wall and most likely need to coat the wall more than 2 times. This will increase the cost of labour and material.

2) If you have a dark wall and you would like to paint it a different colour or a lighter colour it will need to be primed and might need more than 2 coats of paint. This will increase the cost of labour and material.

High Ceiling – a ceiling above the standard 8 feet tall. The higher the ceiling the more material and labour required to complete the project. This will increase the cost of labour and material.

Premium Paint – This is paint that is a higher cost that the standard grade paint that is normally provided. Example: Paint companies usually have three grades of paint; good, better, and best. The price of the paint goes up as you upgrade paint quality.


THE REST OF THE fine print

  1. The safety of our home owner and our painters and staff is our first priority. If our staff feels their safety may be in danger due to conditions in the proposed work space, they have our full support in refusing to work. Money will be refunded to the client, and work can be rescheduled once conditions are approved and become safe for our painters or staff to be present.

  2. Rude, abusive, or non-inclusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated from our staff or our clients. If our clients feel that our staff is being rude, abusive, or using non-inclusive language they have our full support in a decision to ask our staff to leave the premises. If our staff feel that the client is being rude, abusive, or using non-inclusive language they have our full support in a decision to leave the premises. Money will be refunded to the client if they are the victim, and work can be rescheduled once conditions are approved and the client feels safe in allowing a new painter in to complete the agreed upon project. If the staff is victimized there will be no refund and there will be no rescheduling unless the situation is satisfactorily resolved.

  3. Our satisfaction guarantee is something we and PainterFAST Inc. take very seriously. We will ensure that our service quality meets our high standards every time. If a situation occurs where a client is unhappy with service quality, we will investigate and ensure that our clients expectations are met.

  4. If a painter does not show up for the scheduled date, we will give the option to the home owner to re-schedule or have their money fully refunded.

  5. If any damage occurs to our client’s home as a result of our painter’s work, we repair the work immediately and to the satisfaction of our client. In the event that the damage is beyond the capability of our staff we will hire a third-party professional to repair the damage.

  6. Any unpaid balance will be subject to an interest rate of 24%, compounded monthly until paid in full.

  7. NSF payments will be subject to a $45 administrative fee.

  8. Furniture must be moved to the center of the room unless you are paying for this service. If furniture is NOT moved it will be potentially subject to a $60 fine, and/or a time will be rescheduled to revisit the site and complete the project.

  9. All deposits will non-refundable unless the failure to complete the project is the fault of PainterFAST Inc.

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