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We've got you covered!

For further information on coverage please feel to contact us directly and we will be happy to help!

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Liability Insurance

WSIB Certificate

Always be prepared. We want to ensure that every homeowner

can have the utmost trust in our ability to make things right.

Our policies INSURE you, so we can ENSURE you :)




Need to know more?

This is how we keep everyone safe...

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Our painters can sometimes be working at heights that require training and skill to be done safely. But anytime you order painting online with PainterFAST you can ensure that your painter has the proper insurance needed to be working in your home.

All of the painting contractors that show up for your house painting project with be protected and have provided PainterFAST with their WSIB certificate.

All of our painters and painting contractors are required to have all necessary WHIMIS, and MOL training relevant to the nature of their work.

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